How to make your Computer Healthy

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1. Don’t manually delete.
Don’t delete an application from your hard drive unless you have to do. Doing so will leave you with visible and invisible debris cluttering up the hard drive.
2. Don’t open everything at once.
Unless you have a top-of-the-range system, avoid firing up multiple programs all at once. Windows has been known to freeze up on slower systems it its given too much to do at once.
3. Run Scandisk.
Try and run it at least once a month to check file and hard drive integrity.
4. Watch Out.
Check the integrity of all files loaded to your PC. If you often download files from the net, it is particularly essential that you install a virus detector. But remember, even files given to you by a colleague on USB flash drive can infect your system.
5. Backup your files.
Windows have their own backup utilities, accessed through System tools.
6. Run the Disk Defragmenter.
Do this once a month too. Your hard drive can get fragmented if you are often installing and uninstalling programs.
7. Get acquainted with System Tools.
Windows in particular, has an impressive range. A few minutes a week turning your PC could save you trouble down the line.
8. Press Ctrl, Alt, Del.
If your system crashes or freezes, try not just switch off manually if possible. Try and get a response first using Ctrl, Alt, Del simultaneously: shutdown from there.
9. Backup before editing.
This can’t be emphasized enough: never try editing the OS Registry file before packing up the original configuration first.
10. Be aware.
Be aware of programs running in the background. If many are active, you should be aware of the possibility of a system lock-up, you can see what is running by opening the task manager by pressing Ctrl, Alt, Del simultaneously.