Things to Do Online on a Rainy Day

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Summer has come and gone, and now the rainy season has begun. More typhoons will be paying us visit now and then and you’ll be thankful for the “no classes today” announcements. Sure, you’ll be warm and cozy at home while the wet and dreary world outside pounds on your windows. However, the downside is you’ll be stuck with nowhere to go and nothing to do, which puts a damper on your unexpected holidays. Before you start wishing for the rains to go away, think again. Start up that computer and let yourself be sucked into the cyber frenzy of things to do on the net.

You’re bored. Either all your friends are stuck at home or you’re tired of talking on the phone or texting with the same people day after day after day. Go online, enter a chat room and viola! There’s a whole new population of people you can interact with. Exchange views about anything and everything. At first, chat lingo may seem to be a foreign language for you, but pretty soon, you’ll be trading asls (age, sex, location) and brbs (be right back) with other chat addicts.

It’s the rainy season and you’ve got lots of hours at home on your hands. This is the time for you to get in touch with the people you haven’t been able to communicate with because of your busy schedule. Send them an e-mail. That will surely be appreciated. The internet is indeed making communication easier by the minute.

Online Games
Those years when the only thing you could play on your family computer was Mario Brothers might as well be considered the Stone Age. Today, your PlayStation isn’t the only thing that can give you extreme action while playing. Network and online games have gotten more and more popular. A lot of young people have gotten hooked on these games, spending hours and hours trying to beat each other. First-person shooters and real-time strategy game will surely keep you enthralled.

The World Wide Web is full of endless possibilities. Try surfing and discover what the internet can do for you. Use search engines to look for websites that are related to your interest. Who cares if your best friend is surfing in Hawaii? You can see the whole world through your monitor – if you know how to look.

Make your own website
After visiting god-knows-how-many Web sites in how many days, you could feel the desire to build your own place online. It sounds difficult, looks complicated, but is something you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. There are a lot of sites that offer free web page hosting. You can do whatever you wish with this space. You may try following the instructions; most sites that offer free Web hosting are user-friendly. Everything is ready - all you have to do is add your personal touch. This is just the beginning. As you continue to explore the different facets of the internet, you will find more and more things to do online. Soon, you will find yourself wishing for the rain never to come an end.