X-Series Virtual Desktop

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X-Series Virtual Desktop
Many company and industries today are making way how to help lessen the Global Warming. Companies who develop computers all over the world think of the possibilities of creating their machines eco-friendly, more efficient and affordable at the best quality and speed. Introducing the X-Series Virtual Desktop allows one PC to act like many. Our hardware allows users to connect their keyboards, monitors, mice, and speakers to the shared computer. You'll be up and running in no time at all. Whichever product is right for you, you'll get a seamless solution with great performance. An X-series desktop virtualization kit if all of your users are within 10 meters (33 feet) of the shared PC, and you’re PC has one or two open PCI slots. If that describes your environment, then you can take advantage of the multimedia performance and extremely low cost of the X-series Vitual Desktop.
Every user has their own keyboard, screen, settings, applications, and data files, so their experience is just like it would be if they were working on their own PC. Even USB devices that connect to the shared PC can be assigned to individual users. Your users can simultaneously share almost any application—including web browsers, instant messaging, e-mail, office suites, and even multimedia. Each person runs their own applications—and has their own files, settings and preferences. Without the bulk. Without the cost of a dedicated PC people who manages computers for schools, training rooms, libraries, and office applications love the X-series Virtual Desktop.