Tips on Computer Hardware Servicing NC-II

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Here are some few tips how to pass the Computer Hardware Servicing NC-II exam

The trainees/students also should be able to pass the Occupational Qualification and Certification System (National Certificate - Level II) of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) – a government accrediting institution. The Computer Hardware Servicing NC-II Qualification consists of competencies that must possess to enable to diagnose and troubleshoot problems in personal computer systems, software, replace parts and get the system back to normal operation. The exam has two assessment methods or parts: Observation/Demo (4 hours) and the last is Oral/Interview (at least I hour). As a computer technician you must familiar yourself about (DOS) disk operating system commands especially the different internal and external DOS commands. You need also know how to install an operating system such as windows 98 and windows 2000. And then you must also familiar in installing dual boot operating system using win98 and win2000. Next is, you should know how to create a straight trough cable and crossover cable. Creating these cable needs a UTP or cat5e cable and RJ-45 with crimping tool. The two cabling system is the common type of cabling system that are required in networking when taking up NC-II. You need to familiar yourself also with different types of networks especially Peer-to-Peer network. First connect the straight through cable from your PC to a server. After connecting you must have also familiar in putting up IP addresses. The IP address is given by the assessor so you don’t need to create for yourself. After configuring the IP address you must connect to the server and view the shared folder and its file. Once you’ve done that print a document that comes from the server. After the printing unplug your straight through cable and change it to crossover cable. Next you need to connect to other computer view each other shared folder and file. The last part is the Oral/Interview (question and answer) portion, well my tip is very simple if you know what you’ve done during assembly, disassembly, creating cables, installing OS, networking then you will answer it well. Why? Because most or at least 60 percent of the questions that suppose to be given by the assessor comes from the Observation/Demo. But remember not all assessor has the same questions it will based on your performance overall, what I mean is different assessor has different styles or types of questioning so it might differ. These Computer Hardware Servicing Technician NC-II tips can help you pass the examination. Good luck to all!