Motorola RAZR BLK - V3 Returns In Black Motorola RAZR BLK - V3

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Motorola RAZR BLK - V3
Continuing to build on the momentum of its original Motorola RAZR V3 sleek silver model, the Motorola RAZR BLK V3 is one of the several versions of the ultra-slim, metal-clad flip phone.

The RAZR BLK V3 like its original V3 counterpart is made almost entirely of metal including aircraft-grade aluminum, magnesium and a first-of-its-kind nickel-plated copper alloy keypad.

Like several of the latest cell phones by Motorola, the RAZR BLK V3 is Bluetooth-enabled allowing voice, image and video transmission without wires.

The RAZR BLK includes features for taking pictures, talking via speakerphone, surfing the Net and playing MP3 ringtones and Java games.

"The RAZR V3 was a tough act to follow, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the design team has come up with this jet black version which simply leaves you breathless," said Motorola's Michael Tatelman, VP and general manager, Mobile Devices Business, No