Cameras for this Christmas

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Smiles and faces during Christmas are somehow always brighter. It must be the holiday cheer and spirit wafting in the air. Families play catch up, friends get to bond, and everyone, especially children, eagerly anticipate a visit from Santa Claus. But aside from the little ones who naturally get excited by fireworks, gifts, and staying up late, I can postulate another theory as to why faces look happier. Older individuals, more specifically, those who can drink, tend to look more festive when inebriated. This isn’t a fact but upon closer inspection, people that have imbibed the “good spirits” have a certain jovial look on their faces. Again, this is just a theory and not an excuse to make your seven-year-old nephew take part in some grown-up fun. Johnny, Jose, and Bailey are friends that he will get acquainted with in his own time. I’m sure, though, that for the older set, a party with these guys and some of their friends can make mean for a smashing time. In fact, maybe a bit too smashing. Ever look through your camera on Christmas day? Maybe not, as the loss of electrolytes from the night previous has rendered you immobile. But pay closer attention to what those photos look like. I’m sure that there are going to be a few that are out of focus, and a whole lot more that show only half a face. In truth, your memories might just be as hazy as the photos that were taken. This Christmas, all this can be avoided with two of Samsung’s newest point-and-shoot cameras. The ST550 and the ST1000 are filled with features that can assure clear, drunk-proof photos. Holiday memories captured by these cameras will definitely be clearer than any semblance of memory you might have from the all the merriment. Both the ST550 and ST1000 feature many modern features of today’s digital cameras, such as face detection, image stabilization, one-touch auto focus, and several intelligent shot selection options. Both units feature touch screen functions which are very easy to use, and large 3.5-inch LCDs that clearly display how “merry” things get. Furthermore, both cameras can record videos in High Definition. So if anyone falls into the pool or does something silly, you can plug your camera into an HD-ready TV and relive the moment in crystal clarity. Functionally, the ST550 and the ST1000 are two completely different devices. The ST550 features a dual LCD, with a conventional screen in the back for viewing and one in front beside the lens. This makes it quite the party camera. We all do it: you hold the camera in front of you and a friend and hope that no one gets cut out. With the ST550, you can actually see the frame that is being taken, live, and make the necessary adjustments so that everyone fits in the shot. No need for guesswork or retakes; and it’s a nice gimmick. The ST1000 is a bit more sophisticated in that it incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity in the unit. So ideally, you can take a photo, connect to the Internet, and instantly post your snapshot on Facebook or anywhere else on the Net. Or, you can connect to a friend’s cellular phone via Bluetooth, and share the picture instantaneously before the alcohol really starts to take effect and you forget. It also saves you the trouble of having to deal with people who bug you about posting photos. What I really like about these cameras is the way that they index files in your laptop or PC. You just connect the camera to your workstation, and a very simple and easy to navigate program makes saving them a breeze. Once in your computer the photos are chronologically arranged, and there is a different folder for each day that the camera was used. This is a nifty feature for those who might not exactly remember certain things that happened on certain occasions. So this Christmas, be merrily responsible. If you decide to do otherwise, then maybe a Samsung ST550 or ST1000 can be responsible for you. Well, at least as far as pictures and memories are concerned. So for everything else, please do exercise some responsibility. And the next step for Samsung? Why not a dual LCD camera that can connect to the Internet and Bluetooth? Talk about the ultimate party camera.