The Apple's iPod Touch 4G

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Apple's iPod Touch 4G
The iPod Touch is a major device, it uses iOS software unlike any other iPod and is the most expensive, high tech, iPod in history. Apparently you haven’t used an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is not just another iPod. It has so many features within the apps provided in the app store and kill any other iPod. There is a reason this is the most popular iPod to date and every single consumer is happy with it. The next generation of iPod Touch is believed to target the young ones, preferably kids and teens. Well, if this product is intended for the young ones, surely it will come with very exciting features and easy to use. According to Lewis, the iPod Touch 4G will come with an enhanced 5 megapixel camera with a flash that can capture HD video just like the iPhone 4 and be uploaded directly to You Tube. With its flash, surely it can take photos even in a poor lighting condition.
The iPod Touch 4G also comes with an improved accelerometer and new gyroscope like in the iPhone 4 which plays an important role in the improvement of the device’s credential when it comes to gaming. It will also include a front facing camera for Face Time calling over Wi-Fi which will enable its users to communicate with friends and loved ones at a zero cost. Basically, it seems that the next generation of iPod Touch 4G inherited most of the interesting features that the iPhone 4 have and even improved some of its features and particularly made some key improvements in its hardware. As of this moment, there is no information yet regarding its capacity and pricing and or if it will include a “retina display” upon its release. So it has every thing that the iPhone 4 has, except for 3G. There has to be one advantage to the iPod Touch 4G over the iPhone. The iPod nano has an advantage because it has a camera.
The iPod Classic has an advantage because it has a whopping 120 gigs of memory. The iPod Shuffle has an advantage because it`s ultra-ultra-ultra portable. Yeah the iPod touch is pretty much an iPhone minus the phone, that’s why it’s so popular the iPod touch sells more than the shuffle the nano or the classic. It does everything the iPhone does including calls (voip of course, but still calls). With no competition those prices won’t come down so this is the best alternative to actually having an iPhone. Plus it’s smaller and lighter.