Fil-Canadian creates game for Xbox

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A Filipino Canadian has created a game for Microsoft’s popular console, Xbox. Game Developer Ranyl Bantog wanted to create a game that his kids can play. There's different things that they like but I noticed that they actually like computer games too, Bantog. Bantog worked for Microsoft in Washington as a programmer for 9 years. He moved back to Canada to finish his Bachelor of Technology in Games Development degree at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

It was during that time that he created “Codex”, a spatial logic puzzle game. The goal is to solve the puzzle in the least moves to win gold medals. Codex was good enough that it was released by Xbox Live Indie Games last month for US$3.

Bantog is now working with a research group from the University of British Columbia to develop educational games. To keep up with his bills, he works once a week at the Vancouver Police Department as a programmer. Bantog’s and Good Guy Robots are set to invade not just Xbox Live. His games will soon be on mobile phones as well.