Induction lighting can last for 11 years

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Induction lighting
With looming energy shortages and the price of electricity on the rise, companies can save more by utilizing a modern energy efficient lighting fixture that can last for 11 years. Induction lighting can save 30% in operation and capital costs. Induction lighting is electrodeless and uses ultraviolet light, making it more efficient but more expensive than conventional lighting fixtures. But as an induction lamp can last for 100,00 hours or 11 years, the total lifetime cost outweighs the initial capital cost, said Soong. As induction light can cover large spaces, 20 pieces of 40-watt induction luminaires can fill the space of 80 pieces of 18-watt bulbs. The market is green, cost-efficient, and environmentally-friendly. The market is hungry for alternatives and these bear long-term advantages.

Induction is 50% more efficient than traditional lamps. Induction is 13% more efficient than incandescent light and two times more efficient than CFLs. Aside from the longevity of induction lamps, they are also brighter, use less power, have no lag time and are flicker-free. Induction lamps can also tolerate temperature between -40 degrees Celcius to +50 degrees Celcius and can easily tolerate the changing atmosphere in the tropics. They are better used for areas that cover wide spaces and high ceilings like warehouses, industrial buildings, cafeterias, gyms, tunnels, roadways, bridges, and parking areas. Induction lamps are perfect partners for solar panels and wind turbines as they have smaller energy needs.