iPhone-hungry Pinoys

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In these countries, loyal fans flocked to Apple stores, with others even camping out overnight just to be the first to get their hands on the new gadget. Here in the Philippines, however, fans were treated to a cozy hotel environment complete with free movies showing on a plasma screen, Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines, coffee and pastries. We really wanted to give the best and most comfortable experience in getting a phone. We want our phones as fast as possible. Apple's newest iPhone was launched in the country over the weekend. This is the third wave of Apple's iPhone 4 launches. The new iPhone 4 has a 5-megapixel camera with a flash, HD video recording and editing and a 1-gigahertz processor. Eager fans shared that they were particularly looking forward to the Face Time feature so they can have a video chat with their families. Others, meanwhile, said they just wanted to stay loyal to the iPhone platform. For their part, some businessmen said they are interested in the iPhone 4's new retina display as this will make reading and opening files more enjoyable. Amidst the joy and enthusiasm of the hundreds who came to the iPhone 4 launch in 2 hotels in Makati City, there were a number of complaints online for those who didn't get "The Call." Some netizens claimed through Twitter and Facebook that they sent an e-mail to different Apple’s store signifying their interest to reserve for an iPhone 4. Others, meanwhile, claimed that they saying that they could not be reached by the network for the past 3 days. To other companies is doing all that it can to get a hold of more allocations for iPhone-hungry Filipinos as the iPhone 4 is running out of stock. The country's second-largest telecommunications firm noted that the iPhone 4 launch is its biggest launch yet for any mobile phone with more than 1,000 subscribers.