New graphics card delivers best gaming experience

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GeForce GTS 450
The new graphics card also boasts of Fermi architecture, said to be the most advanced computing architecture in the market, which is responsible for the GPU's high performance.

It also is "3D Vision ready", works faster than the competition, and is priced for the masses--less than $150 or less than P7,000.

Milner also divulged that the GTS 450 is "great for overclocking." That's when hardcore gamers run a computer component faster than it was designed for, done by manipulating the motherboard and other parts inside the central processing unit (CPU).

Gamers will also rejoice over the fact that they need not throw their old graphics cards away if they get the new GTS 450. An old GPU can be connected to the new card via Nvidia's SLI technology to increase graphics performance. The old one can then function as a PhysX engine, which brings more lifelike special effects to the gaming experience.

"We want graphics that look like real. To display 'real' photos is our dream. Are we there? I tell you, we are there already," said Lui.

At the regional press briefing, Nvidia partners were also in attendance and showed off their respective GTS 450 products: Asus, Evga, Forsa, Galaxy, Gainward, Giada, Gigabyte, Inno3d, Leadtek, Manli, MSI, Palit, Sparkle, and Zotac.

GeForce, which Nvidia claims is the number one consumer graphics brand with more than 700 million units shipped as of September this year, is preferred by gamers for its driver quality and game support.

According to a survey conducted by Socratis Technologies in 2009, Nvidia is the preferred brand of gamers in the US, UK, and China. It was followed by AMD/ATI. Gamers the world over welcomed the launch last month of a new graphics card touted as one able to provide 'the best gaming experience.'

At a regional press briefing held in Bangkok, Nvidia announced the release of the GeForce GTS 450, a graphics card dubbed 'The Sniper', that "provides 2.4 times geometry processing power and 2 times game performance," over other graphics cards, according to John Milner, vice president for GeForce Worldwide Channel Sales of Nvidia.

The new graphics card (also called graphics processing unit or GPU) allows game images to be more realistic, with even small details such as rock crevices and shattered pieces of glass windows shown crystal clear.

This is due to the GTS 450's 8x faster tesselation feature as a result of DirectX or DX 11 graphics technology.

According to Milner, the GTS 450 works well with the biggest games of the decade: Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and Crysis 2. It also brings to life popular games such as Mafia II, Lost Planet, and F.E.A.R., but is perfectly targeted toward new DX11 game titles such as Civilization V and Hawx 2.