Pacquiao in 100% condition already?

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Pacquiao vs Margarito

Pacquiao vs Margarito

The weather was pleasant for Paquiao’s morning run. His dog “Pacman” and Team Pacquiao members joined the champion. A few rounds around the park got Manny into a good sweat. The usual quick shadow boxing routine followed. Pacquiao vs Margarito will face each other on November 14, 2010.

It’s sparring day, so Pacquiao just did the flat route at Pan Pacific Park, just 30 minutes to save up for the sparring in the afternoon. The confidence of Pacquiao is evident even after a hard workout. He likes to keep the humor within the team. Pacquiao feels excellent, having gone down from 154 pounds in Baguio to a weight he is more comfortable with--148 pounds to not more than 150 pounds.

When I was in Baguio, I bulked up in weight. I was so heavy, I was moving sluggishly, so I decided to stay at 148 to 149 pounds,” he said. And even if Margarito will have more than a 10-pound advantage on fight night, this doesn’t worry Pacquiao as long as he has his speed.

It’s better even if I’m lighter but faster… I will easily see Margarito’s movements and punches. After a nap, Pacquiao had an intense afternoon workout at the gym. In seven rounds of sparring, the first 4 with the 6-footer Rashad Halloway, Pacquiao used his quickness to get to the body.

Three rounds more with the taller and heavier David Rodela also saw Manny dominate. Coach Freddie Roach couldn’t be more pleased at where the champ is. He said Pacquiao had a complete turnaround and is now exactly at the condition they need to win. Roach has no doubt Pacquiao will score another resounding victory.

“We are going to beat this guy,” said Roach.

I’m eager to fight because I got what I want, 100% condition, said Pacquiao.

The Pinoy Pacman is back on track, ready to take on the next challenge on the ring: Mexico’s Tijuana Tornado. Watch Pacquiao vs Margarito Online this November 14, 2010 only on HBO Pay-Per-View.