Mosley will be like Erick Morales

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Pacquiao vs Mosley
Pacquiao also reiterated he’s not taking Mosley for granted. Many hear people say that will be an easy fight for Pacquiao, but I think it won’t be. People don’t understand that he has really fast hands and feet. They talk about his age (39), but he doesn't fight like his age. He is a very good boxer and athlete. He can move a lot, but I don’t think that is what he will do. I see Shane fighting. I said it before and I believe it now, boxing is about hitting and getting hit. It’s not about running. It’s about giving and taking hits and giving hits is something I do real well and I know that once they hit each other, they will stand and fight.

The Filipino ring icon also stressed he will be on the lookout for Mosley’s right hand. Something people need to look at is the right hand of Mosley. He has been able to knock real good fighters out with his right hand. Pacquiao concerned enough about his speed and power that Pacquiao have to worked on different techniques to try and counter his big right hand."

While his trainer, Freddie Roach, had said Mosley won’t last the distance, Pacquiao took a different tack, saying: "I know I have to be very fast and very strong against him. I will start fast and end fast, but I am not looking to knock out Mosley. I think that would be a mistake to train for that and to say these things because if I trained for a knock out against (Antonio) Margarito I believe that I probably wouldn't lost.

Pacquiao also said he is open to a future fight with boxing’s newest star, middleweight Sergio Martinez of Argentina, and WBO-WBC junior welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley of the United States. The Pacquiao versus Mosley fight will happen on May 7, 2011 at the MGM Grand.